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  • The Quiz is composed 5 knowledge areas each having 15 questions carrying varying point values
  • You are required to answer each question by selecting from 4 options within 60 seconds
  • If you answer a question correctly, you will proceed to the next question. A wrong answer ends the quiz
  • Every time you answer a question, an explanation of the questions is loaded for you
  • You have 3 life lines: 50/50, which eliminates 2 wrong answers. 1 min, which adds 60 more seconds to your time. Hint, this lifeline shows you how others have answered a question.

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Alhamdulillah! 6,674 users have played the quiz 69643 times, at an average of 10 attempts per user. All users scored a total of 247,248,500 points.

Overall Top Scorer

Dapo Olagunju
15,559,400 points

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Weekly Cummulatve Top Scorers starting Friday, 2015-05-29 00:00:02No scores yet!
RankName Cummulative Points
1Jibril T. Dhiplomat Babatunde10,353,200
2Kamil Jimoh7,927,200
3Abdulhakeem Lagundoye5,585,600
4Rasaq Ayinde3,517,600
5Raji Azeezah3,081,400
6Abdkabeer Akande2,826,000
7AbuAmeenah Abdhakeem Inenemo2,602,800
8Jeleel Abdulkareem2,112,000
9Jumah Fatihu2,070,200
10Adio Rasaq Ayinde Omoadamo2,049,200
11Abdul-hafeedh Abu-bakr2,036,400
12Umm Yazeed Tawakalt Kareem1,429,600
13Hardeyleke Zainab Zay1,393,000
14Abdullahi Mujeebat1,370,400
15Mustapha Abdullahi1,199,800
RankName Cummulative Points
1Abdulazeez Abdulhayu2,816,200
2Olalekan Quddus2,617,800
3Qudrah Ahmad1,722,600
4Abdulhakeem Lagundoye1,660,000
5Yusuf Ahmad856,200
6Kamaalazeez Azeez530,800
7Adegbile Adekunle Aliy Gcfr428,600
8Amoo Ibrahim416,800
9Arinola Saidat Abdulrasheed400,000
10Jimoh Fatihu325,600
11Zhulikha Horlerhedey Odugbemi300,000
12Lasisi Idris270,800
13Dikko Samuel260,400
15Yusuf Ahmad Zuma230,000
RankName Cummulative Points
1Abdulazeez Abdulhayu1,339,400
2Bello Abiola Ayinde AbuUthman1,000,400
3Qudrah Ahmad991,200
4Dikko Samuel970,800
5muawuya husaini937,800
6Olalekan Quddus921,400
7Abdullahi Mujeebat825,800
8Jeleel Abdulkareem700,000
9Adedokun Muhammad-toyyib690,000
10Abdulhakeem Lagundoye490,400
11Jimoh Fatihu432,000
12Yusuf Ahmad415,000
13Dapo Olagunju400,000
15Hammed Taiwo Hassan381,800
RankName Cummulative Points
1Dapo Olagunju5,545,800
2Hammed Taiwo Hassan4,518,400
3Abdulazeez Abdulhayu3,430,400
4Dikko Samuel2,128,200
5Saheed A. Yusuff2,030,600
6Qudrah Ahmad2,004,200
7Musa Ismail Adeyinka1,951,400
8Olalekan Quddus1,950,800
9Bello Abiola Ayinde AbuUthman1,949,800
10Tiamiyu Kabir1,926,400
11Jeleel Abdulkareem1,838,000
12Abdullahi Mujeebat1,785,600
13toye ajani1,255,000
14Jibril T. Dhiplomat Babatunde1,166,000
15Jimoh Fatihu1,118,400
RankName Cummulative Points
1Abdulazeez Abdulhayu3,850,200
2Dapo Olagunju2,597,000
3Saheed A. Yusuff1,598,400
4Olalekan Quddus1,486,800
5Abdullahi Mujeebat1,310,200
6Jeleel Abdulkareem1,292,400
7Bello Abiola Ayinde AbuUthman1,241,000
8Qudrah Ahmad1,181,800
9Adedokun Muhammad-toyyib1,171,000
10Hammed Taiwo Hassan1,041,200
11Adegoke Tajudeen Adekunle878,600
12Abdulhakeem Lagundoye842,000
13Yusuf Ahmad701,600
14Idris N. Abdullahi547,800
15Adewale Yusuff489,600
RankName Cummulative Points
1Dapo Olagunju7,016,600
2Abdulazeez Abdulhayu2,743,400
3Olalekan Quddus2,103,400
4Dikko Samuel1,832,200
5Qudrah Ahmad1,823,600
6Jeleel Abdulkareem1,736,600
7Hammed Taiwo Hassan1,669,400
8Abdulhakeem Lagundoye1,462,800
9Abdullahi Mujeebat1,387,000
10Saheed A. Yusuff1,341,000
11Yusuf Ahmad1,250,600
12Musa Ismail Adeyinka939,800
13Abu Abdullah744,200
14Lasisi Idris677,600
15Jimoh Fatihu570,600
RankName Cummulative Points
1Dapo Olagunju15,559,400
2Abdulazeez Abdulhayu14,179,600
3Jibril T. Dhiplomat Babatunde11,547,600
4Abdulhakeem Lagundoye11,041,800
5Olalekan Quddus9,136,400
6Kamil Jimoh8,418,600
7Hammed Taiwo Hassan7,810,800
8Qudrah Ahmad7,723,400
9Jeleel Abdulkareem7,679,000
10Abdullahi Mujeebat6,779,000
11Dikko Samuel5,301,800
12Saheed A. Yusuff4,995,000
13Bello Abiola Ayinde AbuUthman4,588,600
14Yusuf Ahmad4,277,000
15Jimoh Fatihu3,958,400